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We make refrigerated bodies for rigid vehicles of any size, from 3.5t up to 26t. Everything is built bespoke to your needs, and if you're not sure what you want, we'll help design it.



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Aerodynamics can save you money on fuel costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint. We offer a complete range of bodywork options to streamline your vehicle.



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Some operations require very specific types of vehicles, and we can build these as well. We'll happily discuss all the options, and if necessary design something completely new.



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We offer all the expected services such as repairs and parts sales as well as options such as a bodyswaps and refurbishments to extend the life of your body.



What We Focus On


Everything we build is manufactured to the highest and strictest quality standards.


You have a single point of contact with us from start to finish, so you know who to call.


When you order with us, you get a dedicated production slot that doesn't move. Ever.‚Äč


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Online Catalogue

Our brochure contains a full catalogue of options you can include on your refrigerated bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a truck can seem daunting, but it’s really quite simple. You’ll need to deal with 2 companies: a chassis dealership for the base vehicle (i.e. a DAF/Mercedes/Iveco etc dealership) and a bodybuilder like Jackson’s who do the rest. Once all ordered, the dealership can have the chassis sent straight to the bodybuilder, we complete the vehicle, the dealership will then collect the vehicle from us, do the PDI (pre delivery inspection), register and tax the vehicle, and finally deliver it to you. Once you’ve ordered the vehicle, the dealership and bodybuilder will take care of all of this for you.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on helping our customers work out what sort of body suits their operation best and works most efficiently for them. We’re always happy to visit you and assess your needs, just let us know if you’d like us to do this.

Not at all. There used to be a notion of different GVW vehicles having ‘standard’ sizes of bodies, but as companies have looked to maximise the efficiency of their vehicles, the reality is that every customer tends to have a slightly different body that’s right for them. Everything we build is designed specifically for you, and you can have any size you want.

Yes. A body can have as many different compartments as you want, and it’s common now to have triple compartment bodies that carry frozen, chilled and ambient goods.

Yes, and there’s lots of choice. We offer a full range of addons for the chassis cab that we can fit, such as wind deflectors and side collars, as well as a comprehensive list of aerodynamic body options including sloped front roof sections, sloped rear roof sections, recessed rear vortex generators and side skirts.

No, but if you don’t have an existing relationship with a dealership, we’re happy to offer some recommendations. We work closely with all the major chassis manufacturers through dealerships all over the country.

We think box bodies are a much better choice for a number of reasons: 1 – They are much more thermally efficient than a van lineout as the design is much simpler, the walls are single piece, and the joins are all much tighter; 2 – Developments in materials mean that box bodies now offer almost identical payloads to vans; 3 – Box bodies can be bodyswapped onto a new chassis once the base vehicle needs replacing. This therefore spreads the cost of the box body over the life or two or even three vehicles which means they are much more cost effective.

Yes, and this is a key part of buying a refrigerated body. Making sure you pair the right refrigeration unit with a body is crucial – if the unit is too big and powerful for the body, it may short cycle and not work properly, if it’s too small for the body then it will probably never maintain temperature well enough, and will be working so hard trying to do so that it will breakdown more often and wear out quicker.

Yes. We can help you pick the right one for your application, and we then supply it with the body as part of the package you order from us. If you have very specialist needs, or just want more detail on tail lifts, then we can arrange for a representative from one of the tail lift companies to visit you.

Yes, there is a wide range of ancillary equipment available for vehicles these days, including cameras, temperature recorders, data loggers and vehicle telematics. As many of these are very specialist, we often recommend that we arrange for a representative from one of the providers to speak to you to make sure they supply the ideal equipment for you, but we will then supply it as part of our package.

Definitely! We’re always happy for customers to visit our site. Please just ask if you’d like to do so.

We weigh every vehicle once it’s built so can give you an exact payload. During the quoting/designing process we can calculate estimated projected payloads for you once a specification is agreed.

No. We specialise in box bodies for rigid vehicles, and we feel that focusing on just these enables us to build the best bodies available.

Yes, we can add racking to the body. All racks are custom made, so you can have whatever you want, including multiple tiers, fold up racks and removable racking units.