Aerodynamics are a vital aspect of modern day logistics – reducing emissions is at the forefront of thinking, and companies must look to do so wherever possible. Since they improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, they’ll also therefore save you money. 

Not only this, a company’s vehicles are often it’s public image since they’re what the customers typically see, and demonstrating your commitment to helping the environment ensures you’re creating the right brand image. 

There are many options to choose from when looking at aerodynamics, and we’ll be happy to advise what would work for your operation.

Some of the choices include:

  • Cab roof wind deflectors
  • Side collars to pair with wind deflectors
  • Sloped front roof section
  • Sloped rear roof section
  • Rear vortex generators recessed into roof
  • Side skirts under body


Make The Difference

Drag the slider on the below examples to see the difference some of our aerodynamic options can make to your vehicles.

Aero Comparison Small + Background Aero Comparison Small + Background
Big Comparison 2 Big Comparison 2